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  • 5 May 2022 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    Hello All Coastal Ski & Outing Club Members,

    HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!  I certainly hope to see you TONIGHT at our regular meeting combined with our Cinco de Mayo party at Beachfront Kitchen and Bar.   We have a great time planned.

    We had a fun month in April THANK YOU!! to Jim and Wanda Malloch for their efforts at planning events for the month.  Great turnouts for many of the events especially the Crescent Convention.  A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO FAITH CAMPBELL (who came up with all the decorating ideas and her coordination of the event) AND TO ALL WHO HELPED WITH DECORATIONS AND CASINO DEALERS AND ATTENDEES!!  It was a very fun weekend!   

    In April, The Club was presented with a Slate of Officers for next year (June 2022 - May 2023)   This was a "proposed" slate and will be presented tonight again at our regular meeting for a vote of approval from YOU.  The proposed Officers and Board Members are as follows: President: Mary Alice Blackburn; President Elect: Elena Moglia; VP of Meetings: Grey Culbreth; VP of Activities: Bill Neumann; Board Members: Dave Bates, Linda Jones, Pat Van, Gene Young.  All Committee Chairs are appointed by the President & Board.  If you would like to be on the Board, and/or serve on a Committee, or be an Activities Chairperson for a month ( we need a September Activities Chair), PLEASE, talk with me or one of our Board Members, and let us know you want to help.   

    Linda Jones and Karen McCurry have done a great job with activities for May - including our party for tonight!  Check out the website and sign up for any/all the activities you would like to try so we don’t have to cancel an event because of lack of interest.  ALSO!!!  If you have signed up for an event, and something happens, and you can’t attend, PLEASE … CANCEL on the website, and/or call the monthly coordinator, so they can adjust plans.  

    John Schwartz is coordinating (with Holidaz rep) some exciting BIG TRIPS, so stay tuned for his report tonight!  IT'S EXCITING!

    We have 126 members in our Club now.  If you are enjoying the Club, tell your friends and ask them to come to a meeting as your guest and see if they would like to join.  Remember, our new year starts June 1, so bring your checkbook tonight to complete your renewal application and pay for your dues for next year ($50). 

    That’s it for now, hope to see you at our next meeting and at some OR ALL of the events planned for MAY!!  SIGN UP AND STAY SAFE!!

    Mary Alice Blackburn, President


  • 12 Dec 2021 6:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    We meet the last Monday of each month, at a member's house. Check the Events listing for specific houses each month.  Starting at 6:30 with light appetizers and wine.  Book discussion starts at 7 o'clock.  

    Guests are always welcome.  Everyone is requested to register on CSOC website if they plan to attend.  Meetings are available on ZOOM, if desired.

Happy Birthday!

Mary Lou Griggs 1-Apr
Richard/Woody Wood 2-Apr
Jim Henderson 4-Apr
Dora B Exploring 6-Apr
Tim Blackburn 9-Apr
Fred Scott 10-Apr
Jamie Sue Johnson 15-Apr
Tom Britt 18-Apr
Joe Calabretta 20-Apr
Alonda Durham 25-Apr
Steven Abrams 28-Apr
Dianne Parker 3-May
David Bates 5-May
Doug Blackburn 7-May
Kenneth Rappeno 10-May
Patricia Bressler 10-May
Joanne Sinclair 10-May
Sandra Heller 12-May
Liz Gillard 14-May
Al Patane 22-May
Betty Hayes 22-May
Bruce Bailey 23-May
Bucky Young 4-Jun
Wanda Malloch 5-Jun
Kathy Malloch 7-Jun
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