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President's Letter

1 Jan 2022 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Hello All Coastal Ski & Outing Club Members,


I hopy your Holidays have been beautiful and bright - just like the song says - and I hope the New Year finds you all happy and healthy.  We have had quite a year in 2021.....  mostly good, but also with a few challenges.  We are hoping 2022 is full of good friends, good food, and mostly GOOD HEALTH!!

Please check our calendar of events for January.  We didn't want you to be bored after this busy Holiday Season, so we packed the month full of fun things to do - there should be something that you would like to sign up for.  We will be back at the Beachfront Kitchen & Bar for January 11th meeting.  We hope to see you there too.

Your Board of Directors and I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year - fun, prosperous, successful, and mostly happy and healthy.  

Please remember to sign up for the activities you want to attend, so we don’t have to cancel an event because of lack of interest.  ALSO!!!  If you have signed up for an event, and something happens, and you can’t attend, PLEASE … CANCEL on the website, and/or call the monthly coordinator, so they can adjust plans.  

John Schwartz is still planning a ski trip to Tahoe March 12-19, 2022.  We will be joining the Asheville Ski Club and at this point, it consists mostly of skiers, so I'm not sure about activities for non-skiers so please check it out on our web site and let John (zzz11694@gmail.com) know if you are interested.  (no changes here)

Again, Since COVID-19 is still an issue,  if you have not had BOTH of your COVID-19 vaccination shots, we are requesting that you wear a mask to the monthly meeting (for your protection and ours) and for events where you are in close contact with other members (i.e. all other events). We will have masks at our meeting, and hope that you will respect this request. 

That’s it for now, hope to see you at our next meeting and at some OR ALL of the events planned for JANUARY!!  SIGN UP AND STAY SAFE!!

Mary Alice Blackburn, President


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